• Dynamix Guitar Trio is a sampled instrument package made of 6 guitar sounds.
  • Magic Brass is a two sampled brass sound package: Brass Swell and Brass Shake.
  • FOLK Drum Kits is a package containing 6 drum kits which can be purchased separately or as a whole.
  • Dynamix Styles FOLK is a style and sampled instruments package made for South-East Europe folk and pop music.
  • LIVE Drums is a drum kit made with 4 velocity layers, mixed and sampled to give natural sound for use with many music genres and styles.
  • Dynamix Styles XL is a style and sampled instruments package made of 25 universal styles for pop and folk music.
  • Rock Drums is a sampled drum kit, made with 4 velocity layers.
  • Modern Bass is very simple, but effective bass guitar made specially with Modern Drum Kits in mind for great compatibility, but it can be used with any style and midi file, or any other drum kit.
  • Modern Drum Kits is a sampled drum kit package made of 7 drum kits.
  • Pan Flute is a sampled instrument made with two velocity layers. Lower layer is more subtle and it is triggered by playing soft, while upper layer is with stronger attack and it is triggered by playing harder.
  • Dynamix Styles LIVE is a pack of 11 universal styles, audio loops and sampled instruments made for South-East Europe folk music.
  • Dynamix President is the finest sample of a Guerrini President accordion made out of an excelent 35 years old accordion which gives it that traditional Guerrini sound.
  • Dynamix Ethno Pack is a suite of sampled instruments specially made for folk music. Dynamix Ethno Pack contains Ethno Drums, Ethno Bass and Ethno Guitar 1, Ethno Guitar 2, and Ethno Guitar 3.
  • Dynamix SET Pro is a complete package made out of all our sampled instruments, drum kits, and style packages. Dynamix SET Pro LITE is a complete package of all sampled instruments and drum kits, without any style packages.