Brass instruments are some of the most instantly recognizable instruments in music. This group of instruments consists of various instruments like trumpets, trombones, tubas and horns, and is an essential part in many classical genres where the brass section is one of the most important sections in any orchestra, concert band and big band. However, they also have a prominent role in many popular contemporary genres, most notably jazz, where these instruments are often combined with various woodwind instruments, like the saxophone.

Brass samples are audio recordings of notes and melodies of various brass instruments, including samples of trumpets, trombones, tubas and horns. These samples can be utilized in many different ways, but most notably, they are used to add flavor in songs and melodies which would otherwise sound very barren. The simple action of adding a trumpet or trombone sample to a melody can change the entire mood and feel of the entire song as well as add an entirely new rhythm. We have several brass samples on offer, and as always, our samples are very user friendly and of the highest quality, suited for any musician or producer.

Dynamix Audio Brass Samples

Our catalogue currently has on offer three different unique brass sample packs – The Magic Brass pack, Pop Brass pack as well as the Dynamix Brass Section pack. All of these packs include high quality samples of various brass instruments perfectly suited for any producer’s needs.

  • Magic Brass

The Magic Brass pack is a sample pack consisting of two brass sounds: Brass Swell and Brass Shake. These two sounds have 3 velocity layers, with swell and a shake multisample at the upper layers. This sample pack is very easy to use and play and the realistic sound of the samples guarantee its quality and ability to be included in many different music genres.

  • Pop Brass

The Pop Brass sample pack is a sound pack consisting of samples from 4 real instruments recorded in a studio – Trombone, tenor sax and 2 trumpets. These trombones, tenor sax and trumpet samples are sampled in two velocity layers. This means that each sample is shared only by two notes. This guarantees maximum sound quality as well as realism of these samples, and, as the name suggests, they are excellent for the pop genre.

  • Dynamix Brass Section

The Dynamix Brass Section pack is a sound package which contains 4 brass sounds. The sounds sampled include trumpet samples, trombone samples as well as tenor and alt saxophones, perfect for any musician. All of these samples are sampled in 3 velocity layers which contribute to the realistic sound and feel of the samples.

Finally, no matter which sample pack you choose to buy, you can always count on us to provide you with maximum support should you have any additional questions, and our video tutorials are sure to help you get the most out of our samples. Happy producing!

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