Dynamix Audio was founded in 2010 by Bojan Bojovic. Since then, with the help of his associates, Dynamix Audio has become a very successful brand that specializes in after-market products for professional arranger keyboards.

Bojan finished music school in Pancevo, Serbia and continues his higher education in advanced music school and also solo singing. During the school week he performs as a keyboardist in his own band and also as a one man band. He uses this “hands-on” real-world approach to get acquainted with professional arranger keyboards.

During his years where he worked as a fulltime gigging musician, he signed a contract with Celebrity Cruise Lines Company and started work as a Pianist and Entertainer on the Celebrity Cruise Lines – Century cruise ship.

His creative endeavors include composing, arranging and writing lyrics. Initially he applied his skills for himself but later made them available for many domestic artists, including  Sergej Cetkovic, Sasa Kovacevic, Aca Lukas, Mina Kostic, Oliver Stoiljkovic, Stevan Andjelkovic, Bojan Tomovic, and other artists.

As a composer and performer, he’s appeared in several international festivals. In Pancevo in 2008 he won third place with his song, “Samo Tvoj”  and in Bihac in 2009 he won first place for best music  with another of his original songs, “Sada Znam”. The primary focus of his work is music production, working with professional artists domestically and abroad.

In 2008, in collaboration with his closest associates, he founded Alfahoic Studios group. The result is a studio production group of high-calibre professional musicians, engineers, and producers that  offer world class production values and can accommodate the highest possible quality of artistic and creative expression.

Alfahoic Studios is professionally engaged in the creation of popular music song writing and production as well as music designed to form part of a dramatic performance, as, for example, a stage play, motion picture, film or television program.

Bojan’s work in the Dynamix Audio brand is the result of the merging of two worlds. The first is the world of recording and audio engineering, the other, is the world of professional arranger keyboards. This results in a very high level of quality in audio sampling, style creation, and post-production upgrading of arranger keyboard capabilities, which finally makes them “sonically equal” to a band composed of professional musicians.