Drum Samples are audio recordings of all individual parts of a drum kit. Every drum part is hit and recorded separately multiple times with varying degrees of power applied to the hits, to ensure that the entire drum’s dynamic range is covered. No drum kit sounds the same so there is not a single definitive drum sample pack, and it is entirely up to the musician to choose drum kit samples according to their personal needs and which fit their style and genre. Even though drum samples can be significantly modified by the use of various audio modification software, there are still some subtle nuances to every drum kit.

Drum samples – usage

Drum samples are widely used in all genres of music, from the traditional genres to modern electronic music, and their application can have various benefits. For instance, in the cases of more traditional drum recordings such as studio or live recordings on acoustic drums, drum samples can be used to correct drumming mistakes as well as to augment, modify or enhance the drum sound if needed.

Furthermore, drum sample packs are also used in electronic drums kits and drum pads, where every pad can be assigned any desired drum part sound, and they entirely benefit from the dynamic range recordings – the drum sound varies depending on how hard you hit a pad, as is the case with real acoustic drums. Drum sample packs are also extremely valuable to drummers with limited studio or storage spaces that opt for an electronic drum kit over an acoustic drum kit that still want their drums to feel as authentic and as real as possible.

Drum samples are prominently utilized in electronic music, such as drum and bass, techno, house etc, especially because they are a huge time saver and are incredibly easy to use. Instead of having a drummer play the song, the composer can simply write the drum track digitally and assign a desired sample pack to it. Another benefit is that they can be easily modified to fit any music genre and style.

Our drum sample packs

We have a great collection of various drum sample kits and kit packs fit for musicians of every music genre, everything from pop, rock and folk to electronic music. We also have multiple drum kit sample pack styles for every genre, including both studio and live variants. Our collection of samples has both individual instrument samples as well as sample packs with multiple instruments.

If you are a drummer interested in enhancing your drum tracks or a musician that wants to make an authentic acoustic drum track, then we suggest you try out our “Natural Drum Kits“, “Nashville Drums“, “Sonor Real Drums” and “Folk Drum Kits” sample packs. Alternatively, if you’re looking for more electronic solutions for you songs, we suggest trying out “Dynamix Styles Club”, “Power Drums”, “eDrums” and “Pop Pack” sample packs.

The ease of use and the wide spectrum of application of drum samples make them an essential part of every musician’s arsenal. Whether you need to slightly alter or modify a drum recording or make a song from scratch, they are an invaluable asset to have.

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