Guitar samples are audio recordings of individual notes, chords, or even entire melodies, played on a guitar. They are used in a variety of music genres, from pop and rock to rap, hip-hop and various forms of electronic music. Guitar samples can be utilized in many different ways to create both simple as well as sophisticated melodies. They can be looped to create catchy song segments and altered to fit any song type and music genre, and they are generally easy to use, implement and alter. And, just like their drum counterparts, sampling guitars can be a real life saver, if you are having trouble booking a guitarist for your recording session.

Guitar samples in pop culture have been mostly popularized by rap, electro, R&B and pop songs, where they are utilized as melodies and harmony segments. Electric guitar samples are a great addition to rap, hip-hop and electronic songs as they can energize song segments with their raw, punchy tones, while pop ballads often use acoustic guitar samples as they are mellow, emotional and pleasant. Every guitar has its own unique sound, and when it comes to acoustic guitars the different available string types all have a significant impact on the overall guitar sound. For example, nylon strings have more of a mellow sound, while steel strings are generally harsher and brighter.

Dynamix guitar sample packs

In addition to guitar samples, we also offer banjo, bouzouki and mandolin samples, which are perfectly fit for folk and ethno songs. Our “Dynamix Nylon Guitar“, “Dynamix Styles Folk“, “Super Acoustic Guitar” and “Twelve String Guitar” sample packs are especially great for ballads and more classical and folk songs, such as flamenco or oriental music. Or if you’re interested in a more Mediterranean style, we also have “Dynamix Bouzouki” and “Dynamix Mandolin” sample packs, and we also have a “Dynamix Banjo” sample pack for those wanting to have the authentic folk, bluegrass, and western swing feels in their songs.

On the other hand, if you are interested in having a faithful live guitar segment in your song, you might be interested in our “Dynamix Styles Live” and “Dynamix Styles 123 Live” guitar samples packs, as these will give your songs that authentic “live” punch. Furthermore, the “PRS Lead Guitar“, “Wah-Wah Guitar“, “Stereo Riff Guitar” and “Less Paul Guitar” sample packs are perfect for rock and metal songs, as well as various electronic genres such as drum and bass and techno.

For Pop genre songs we have “Pop Pack“, “Universal Pack“, “Dynamix Styles Club” and “Dynamix Styles XL” which are all great in achieving that specific and genuine pop aesthetic.

No matter the genre, guitar samples can always prove to be very useful in enhancing and enriching songs, and our guitar sample packs are sure to provide you with the most diverse and high-quality guitar samples to fill all your musical needs.

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