Dynamix Audio Church Pipes and Organ Samples

As an instrument, organs have traditionally been used for religious purposes. You all heard about those big church organs, especially in areas such as Western Europe. However, more recently, organs and organ sounds have been used in a variety of different genres, including jazz and pop music, as well as rock music, or as an opening or closing theme in various soap operas.

One of the reasons for this popularization of the organ was of course, sampling! Sampling allowed for easy implementation of a wide variety of different organ sounds into songs and melodies.

If you are looking for high quality organ samples and sample packs, then feel free to come and check out our catalogue. Currently on offer we have the Church Pipes and Dynamix Organ sample packs. The Church Pipes pack consists of 5 sampled sounds recorded on a real church pipe organ where each sound is recorded as a combination of different pipe voices so as to reproduce the pure and natural sounds of a church pipe organ. These samples are available for the Yamaha and Korg arranger keyboards.

On the other hand, the Dynamix Organ sample pack is a pack which consists of 10 sounds of the original Hammond B3, all recorded using high quality microphones and preamps, and unlike the sounds included on other Korg Pa and Yamaha arrangements, the Dynamix Organ pack contains real sounds played on the Hammond B3, and not emulations.

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