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Dynamix Audio Violins and Strings samples

Looking for some high quality violin and strings samples? Feel free to come and check out our catalogue!

Currently, we have on offer several different violin and other string instruments sample packs, namely the Irish Fiddle, Dynamix Strings and Dynamix Violin packs.

The Irish Fiddle pack includes sounds sampled in such a way as to perfectly reproduce the iconic sounds of the traditional Celtic fiddle. The Fiddle is also sampled together with the imperfections of the actual instruments in order to further emphasize its authentic sound.

Moving on, we have the Dynamix Strings pack, containing 4 different sounds of a strings ensemble. The sounds themselves are made in two major versions with two velocity layers. The smaller version includes 44 samples, while the larger one has 96 individual samples.

Finally, we have the Dynamix Violin pack. This sample pack includes 4 sampled violin sounds: the DMX Violin, DMX Violin EXP, DMX Violin XL and the DMX Violin Folk sound. Each of these different sounds is recorded so they can suit various needs. So, the DMX Violin sound is primarily used in faster playing pieces, while the DMX Violin EXP is more suitable for slower pieces and melodies. However, if you need something in-between, then the DMX Violin XL is perfect, because this sound is a mixture of the previous two, and, depending on your playing style, it will either trigger the lower layer or the harder, upper two layers.
Finally, the DMX Violin Folk sound is excellent for realistic glissando, as it is recorded with faster attack layers and MONO portamento.

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