The Saxophone is one of the most recognizable instruments in music. Ever since its invention it has been present in almost every music genre, ranging from classical music, marching bands, jazz, all the way to rock and roll, pop and electronic music. The instrument’s wide usage is a real testament to its extensive practical applicability, with the ability to enrich melodies and even entire songs with unmatched harmony and catchiness. Saxophones are made in a variety of classes, with every class having a distinct range and timbre.

Saxophone samples are audio recordings of certain notes or melodies played on a saxophone. As is usually the case with instrument samples, our saxophone samples can be utilized in many ways, for example: accentuating certain melody segments with additional notes played on a saxophone or even creating entire saxophone melodies that loop throughout a song. All our samples are very user-friendly, as they are easy to use, alter and implement into melodies and songs.

Dynamix Saxophone Sample Packs

We currently offer three unique saxophone sample packs for three different saxophone types – Soprano, Alto and Tenor saxophones, named Dynamix Soprano G, Dynamix Alto Sax and Dynamix Tenor Sax respectively. We also have two bigger packs that feature additional instruments alongside saxophones – Dynamix Set Pro, which contains all our instrument sample packs and style packages, and Dynamix Styles 1 & 2, which are oriented towards South-East European folk music, containing all instruments usually heard in songs of the genre.

  • Dynamix Soprano G

Dynamix Soprano G saxophone sample pack contains two high quality soprano sax sound variants, that are recorded and sampled with an intention to simulate the sax sound of the legendary American jazz saxophonist Kenneth Gorelick, also known as Kenny G. Both sound variants are accompanied by multisamples, velocity layers, key noise, natural vibrato and dedicated sample for each tone. Speaking of jazz, we have a great selection of various brass samples that would blend perfectly with these sax samples.

  • DynamixAlto Sax

Our incredibly advanced Alto Sax sample pack is consists of 4 alto sax sounds. It features a large number of alto sax samples, and a genuine real vibrato in each sample loop, which allows for highly natural and realistic saxophone feel that is sure to fit any music genre.

  • DynamixTenor Sax

The Dynamix Tenor Sax sample pack contains 4 tenor sax sound variants, each with a unique feel and incredibly genuine and realistic saxophone sound. If your songs require some tenor enrichment, this saxophone sample pack is definitely made for you.

  • DynamixSET Pro

If saxophone sample packs alone are not enough for you and you require other instruments as well, make sure to check out our Dynamix SET Pro complete sample pack, which consists of all our sampled instruments as well as style packages.

  • DynamixStyles 1 & 2

Our Dynamix Styles 1 & 2 sample pack is a sample pack intended for those interested in making songs in South-East European folk music genre. This sample pack contains 18 universal styles and sampled instruments that are usually featured in South-East European folk music, including but not limited to drums, bass, mandolin, guitar, and more.

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