Dynamix Choir Samples

In our catalogue, we currently have on offer the Dynamix Choir voices sample pack. This choir sample pack includes 3 high quality sampled sounds of the Choir Aaa, Choir Ooo and Choir Vibrato sounds. The Choir Vibrato is a sampled sound of a mixed men and women’s choir, recorded using real voices for maximum realism and authenticity. Furthermore, each sound has up to 15 stereo samples which guarantees excellent sound quality. This means that each sample is dedicated to only two notes. Of course, all of the voices were recorded using high quality professional microphones in an adequately prepared recording room. This choir sample pack is primarily made for the Korg Pa and Yamaha Tyros keyboard arrangers, among others.

The sounds of a choir can be utilized in many different genres and musical arrangements (especially in classical music like renaissance and baroque music), but choir voices are mostly predominant in worship services (where choirs perform musical acts such as gospels and hymns), schools and other formal arrangements. In the former case, we currently have on offer several high quality church and organ sample packs that would go great with the Dynamix Choir. Most notably, our Church Pipes and Dynamix Organ packs go hand in hand with the sounds of choir voices. These sample packs include sounds recorded on real church pipe organs for maximum realism and authenticity. The Dynamix Organ in particular is a pack of 10 sounds which were recorded on a real Hammond B3.

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