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Flutes and Woodwind instruments are some of the most instantly recognizable instruments in music. An irreplaceable section of any modern orchestra, flutes and other woodwind instruments have also found their way into many other popular genres today. Usually the sound of the fluteis included to spice up the song and to break the possible monotony of other instruments.

Flute samples are audio recordings of notes or melodies played on a flute (or other woodwind instruments). As with any other sampled instruments, our flute samples as well as other woodwind instrument samples are very user-friendly and can be used in many different ways, from enriching certain melody segments with additional flute and other woodwind instruments notes, all the way to creating entire sections consisting of various flute sounds.

Dynamix Audio Flute and Woodwind Samples

The Dynamix Audio catalogue offers a wide variety of high quality flute and other woodwind sample packs suited for all your sampling needs. The Dynamix Flute pack includes two high quality flute sound samples variations, one with a natural sounding vibrato tone, while the other has a more overblown tone for maximum realism. Or maybe, you would be interested in the Dynamix Duduk sound pack, which is a sample pack made with three velocity layers, perfect for great playability and realism.

On the other hand, if you would like to feel the sound of something more authentic and ethno, then our Irish Whistle Samples and Ethno Winds packs are just the things you are looking for! The Ethno Winds sample pack consists of a collection of samples of brass instruments usually used in folk music of the South Eastern European region, while the Irish Whistle Samples pack consists of sampled sounds of the Irish Whistle. Experience the majestic lands of Ireland with this pack, sampled with a natural vibrato which gives the sampled instruments that genuine live sound, while the Ethno Winds samples will help bring the wild nature of South Eastern Europe to life. Furthermore, we also have on offer the Uilleann Pipes Samples pack as well as the Pan Flute Samples pack. The Uilleann Pipes pack contains samples which realistically simulate the sounds of the uilleann pipes, while the Pan Flute Samples pack consists of sampled instruments recorded with two velocity layers, one lower and more soft and subtle, while the upper layer is stronger and harder.

Moving on, we also have on offer various sample packs for three different saxophone types – The Dynamix Soprano G, Dynamic Alto Sax and Dynamic Tenor Sax packs. The Dynamix Soprano G pack consists of two soprano sax sound variants recorded in such a way as to simulate the sounds of the American jazz legend Kenny G, while the Alto Sax pack contains four alto sax sounds spread across a number of alto sax samples giving off a natural and realistic saxophone feel. Finally, the Dynamix Tenor Sax pack includes four unique tenor sax sound variants, perfect for enriching your songs with the sounds of a genuine tenor sax.

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