Pianos are one of the most well known and widely used instruments in the world. The sounds and melodies pianos make are instantly recognizable and a simple piano chord can change the feel and soul of an entire song. They are used in a variety of different genres, from classical music to modern pop and even in “harder” genres like rock and metal. However, pianos can be quite expensive, and, due to their sheer size, require a lot of room. Fortunately, with the invention of sampling, many aspiring musicians can rely on various piano samples and loops to get that perfect piano sound.

Piano samples are audio recordings of individual notes, sounds and melodies played on a piano, either acoustic or electric. In modern music, these samples are mostly used in pop or some electronic subgenres as a way of bringing more emotion into a song with its often mellow and soothing sound.

Dynamix piano sample packs

If you are looking for high quality piano sample packs, then why don’t you come and check out our catalogue. Dynamix Audio offers a wide range of various piano sound samples. Maybe you’re looking for a nice sounding electric piano? The Magic DX Piano sample pack contains high quality piano sounds sampled from a Yamaha DX7 electric piano. Or maybe you would like your electric piano to sound more old-school, in which case we can offer the Vintage EP sample pack. This pack offers high quality piano sounds recorded from a vintage electric piano for that genuine old-school feel.

On the other hand, maybe you are on the lookout for a more authentic, classical sound. The Dynamix Grand Piano sample pack will offer you just that. Enrich your music with the magnificent sounds of a grand piano with this sample pack. And if you are a musician or producer focused specifically on genres like pop, then our all-round Pop Pack will be right up your alley! This pack includes sampled instruments such as the Precision Bass, Crunch Guitar, Oil Drums and the Dynamix Grand Piano. And, if you feel like adding a bit more spice to your music, you can always check out our other sample packs as well. Why not try experimenting with some flute samples or trumpets? The beauty of music lies in experimentation and finding new and exciting ways of expressing your creativity.

Moving on, we also have the Dynamix Rhodes and the Power Piano sample packs for that genuine, natural, non-synthetic piano sound. The Dynamix Rhodes package includes 95 individual stereo samples, while the Power Piano sound pack contains 174 individual stereo samples! And furthermore, all of these samples have a natural sustain of up to 7 seconds, so it distinguishes itself from other modern keyboards.

Finally, regardless of which sample pack you choose, you can always count on us to provide you with maximum support for all of your questions, and we also provide video tutorials which will help you get the most out of our samples. Happy producing!

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